Field Trip

Topics: English-language films, Hotel, Hawaii Pages: 1 (281 words) Published: November 14, 2010
Our Field trip was to very famous hotels in Hawaii, Honolulu. We went to Waikiki. First of all we stop at Hilton Hawaiian Village. That was the best Hotel I have ever been. Around 2500 rooms. Also we seen penguins in Hilton. That was amazing. Also we went to conference room and it was huge. It was the best hotel I have ever been in my life. Hopefully one day I can afford to stay there.

After Hilton we went by Hale Koa and it was huge also. We went to Shareton Waikiki to start our interesting game. That was very helpful for getting a new info about these hotels. It helped me a lot to know when every hotel is launch and other important information about it. The winner got the ice cream and it was my team. That was really nice.

This field trip was one of the most interesting field trips in my life. I am in Hawaii. Of course it was most interesting. I have never in my life been in a place like this. Those hotels where we been I want to see from a tourist point of view and then I think it is going to look little bit different. I think that then it is more interesting and more beautiful. These palms, pools and Jacuzzi. It is like in a wonderful fairy tale.

I am in love with Hawaii since I came here. Everything is so beautiful – flowers, beaches, hotels, serf, water, sun. Everything I am doing here I enjoy. That field trip was very important for my education and to get more info about Hawaiian hotels and everything about that.

Thank you!!
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