Festival at the Village

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“F@V – 2013”

A Proposal Document


Lentswe Arts Projects


About Us

Lentswe Arts Projects [LEAP] is a non-profit organization established in March 2011, in terms of Act No 71 0f 1997 under the Department of Social Development, South Africa. LEAP, is the brainchild of cultural activists, artists and art managers in the North West Province who have for decades combined, been running different organizations, but fundamentally pursuing the same goals. It was against this understanding that Lentswe was formed.

“Lentswe” has many connotations in Setswana, one being a large rock and the other a voice. In this context, “Lentswe” is built from the root of the verb “go tswa”, which means to stem out in Setswana. “Lentswe le tswelele go tswela mosola” meaning “as you learn or benefit from Lentswe; continue to be good use unto others.”

LEAP has been involved in artistic and social development projects since its inception. In 2010, even before being registered., through the Maitiso le Kea’ cultural and artistic rendition, LEAP managed to buy school uniforms for the needy school children at Magokgwane Primary School in the outskirts of Mafikeng as well as stationary and uniform for another desperate learner at Redibone Middle School with the proceedings generated from ticket sales. The fundraising event drew a lot of support from national and international musical artists such as Mo Molemi, and Setswana folklore genius Ntirelang Berman from Botswana.

October 2011, saw LEAP co-producing an exclusively cultural night of “Ntirelang Berman live” at Mmabana Mmabatho theatre. The show was hailed as “ground-breaking and conscious” by the local media and attracted a mixture of both the young and old.

Executive Summary

“The children who sleep in the streets, reduced to begging to make a living, are testimony to an unfinished job.” Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

It is with the above quote from the former South African president and Noble Prize winner, Dr. N.R. Mandela, which LEAP conceptualized and aims to stage FESTIVAL AT THE VILLAGE, also to be known as “F@V”. The festival aims to be the first of its kind arts festival to cater for the underprivileged youths who are also known as “homeless children” but currently reside at different places of safety in the North West Province. F@V seeks to be a therapeutic platform where these youths are skilled and integrated back into society. It is a vehicle to be used to identify, train and nourish hidden and/or undiscovered talent while creating possible artistic careers for the targeted market.

F@V will also be the first ever arts festival to be staged within a rural community, with the aim of bolstering its local economy as well as making it a tourist destination. Buxton Village, in the Greater Taung Municipality is the ideal identified place with its strategic resources, zoning and accessibility for the staging of F@V.


A three months training period starting in April 2013 will culminate into a weekend [3 days] long artistic therapeutic experience, therefore making up the core of F@V – skill and emotional development. Different places of safety in four different regions of the North West Province will be identified and roped in for participation at F@V as part of their rehabilitation programmes. Each home will have three [3] teams covering disciplines of drama, music and dance. LEAP would then assign dramaturges/ facilitators to train and develop these groups in their respective discipline, with different themes attached to each group/home. The different groups based on different themes would then create performance pieces of between 20-30 minutes long with the guidance of their respective facilitators. The facilitators would be accompanied by unemployed social workers [either recent graduates or retired ones] to help with handling potential sensitive material that might be borne out of the...
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