China in Africa

Topics: Africa, Poverty, South Africa Pages: 63 (20132 words) Published: July 3, 2011
from the Nordic Africa Institute from the Nordic Africa Institute numBer 3 novemBer 2007

from the contents

china and Africa
Fantu Cheru

theme: AfricAn Agriculture Agriculture and the World Bank
Atakilte Beyene

Property rights
Kjell Havnevik

Tor A. Benjaminsen & Espen Sjaastad

inequality and climate change

contents to our reAders AfricAn Agriculture

1 3

november 2007
Carin Norberg

African agriculture and the World Bank: development or impoverishment? Atakilte Beyene

5 8

Property rights formalisation in Africa
Tor A. Benjaminsen & Espen Sjaastad

the relationship between inequality and climate change
Kjell Havnevik

commentAries intervieW

11 14

decoding the evolving china–Africa relations
Fantu Cheru

martha Qorro on the language of instruction issue in tanzania Lennart Wohlgemuth


Jerome verdier on the liberian trc
Proscovia Svärd


“the eu market is open to you – but we are not going to let you in!” Yenkong Ngangjoh Hodu Susanne Linderos

23 26

interview with Patrick chabal evaluation of academic output – the experiences among Aegis members Anna Eriksson Trenter

conferences PuBlishing

report from the Aegis ecAs conference in leiden
Signe Arnfred

33 34

the nordic Africa days recent publications

editor-in-chief: carin norberg co-editor: susanne linderos editorial secretary: Karin Andersson schiebe language checking: elaine Almén

News from the Nordic Africa Institute is published by the Nordic Africa Institute. It covers news about the Institute and also about Africa itself. News appears three times a year, in January, May and October. It is also available online at Statements of fact or opinion appearing in News are solely those of the authors and do not imply endorsement by the publisher. Cover photo: Rita Hamusokwe, farmer of Chikwela village, Chongwe, Zambia, cultivating her field. Photo by Sean Sprague, Phoenix Bildbyrå.

To Our Readers
After some soul searching we have now taken the difficult decision to bring to an end the production of News from the Nordic Africa Institute. This is therefore the last issue of News that you will receive – at least in its present paper format. Last year we launched a new website and we hope to be able to give you more uptodate news via this channel. In our last issue we bring you a thematic section on agriculture in the wake of the recent launching of the World Development Report 2008 on ‘Agriculture for Development’. The first contribution is a summary of the NAI Policy Dialogue publication African Agriculture and the World Bank: Development or Impoverishment? by Prof. Kjell Havnevik et al. The publication was presented at the Swedish launch of the WDR08 in Stockholm on 4 November 2007. In brief the NAI Policy Dialogue questions the World Bank recommendations for large scale agriculture to solve the productivity and equity problems in African agriculture. The whole issue of property rights is intimately linked to the question about agriculture and development. The contribution by Benjaminsen and Sjaastad on aspects of property rights formalization in Africa draws on recent processes in Mali and Tanzania. A general conclusion is that the formalization of property rights in rural areas is a very complex and problematic issue. There is a high risk of the process being co-opted by officials and a wealthy elite, if necessary provisions are not made. Finally, Kjell Havnevik draws our attention to the relationship between inequality and climate change. This contribution is based on a presentation he made in Berlin in June 2007. Decoding the evolving China–Africa relations is the theme of an article written by NAI Research Director Fantu Cheru. He suggests that policies and programmes to deal with the present imbalances between China and Africa require us to revisit and redefine the NEPAD agenda. A regional approach will, in his opinion, help African countries...
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