Free the Children from Child Labour

Topics: Employment, International Labour Organization, Childhood Pages: 4 (1503 words) Published: November 25, 2010
Free The Children from Child Labour:
The Disadvantageous of Child Labour

Two hundred million children are suffering in the world! “the world has an estimated 186 million child labourers – 5,7 million in forced and bonded labor, 1.8 million in prostitution, and 0.3 million in armed conflict” .( Basu & Tzannatos, 2003, p.147). In Africa, Asia and the Middle East, a huge number of children are child labourers, and most of them under 14 years old. However, they are working hard as same as adults; they are working long hours every day, and work in harsh, dangerous and harmful conditions. They can’t have normal lives as other children; they can’t go to school and stay with their families, because they must earn money for themselves and their families. Some of child labourers are even used as collateral for loan; their parents use them to obtain money. Finally, a child labour work as a slave, and no future for him. Child labour already becomes a huge and serious problem, and governments must have a law to protect and free the children from child labour, because it causes children have poor education, be abused, and only can get tiny income. Child labour has its specific definition. The International Labor Organization defines child labor as work situations where children are compelled to work on a regular basis to earn a living for themselves and their families, and as a result are disadvantaged educationally and socially; where children work in conditions that are exploitative and damaging to their health and to their physical and mental development; where children are separated from their families, often deprived of educational and training opportunities; where children are forced to lead prematurely adult lives. (World Education, 2008). Poor education

Lots of people think some child labourers who both work and attend school can learn both general knowledge from school and some special skills from their work; even can be...
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