Femenist Theory

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Feminist Theory
One particular site of gender oppression that has been consistently identified among feminist scholars is that of patriarchal sexuality and sexual intercourse. Female sexuality is a persistent topic among feminists as a site of oppression due to influencing factors such as the strength and determination of males to make sexuality and intercourse a masculine domain. In order to remove the painful stigma attached to female sexuality and the act of intercourse, it is necessary to explore solutions as presented by feminist theorists writing on the specific topic of the oppression of female sexuality. This note will accomplish three separate goals: first, it will be necessary to identify and analyze sexuality and sexual intercourse as a site of gender oppression; second, it will identify a realistic solution for lessening the oppression associated with female sexuality and intercourse as explained by Gayle Rubin; third, the research note will consider and rebut the possibility of objections to the aforementioned solution, as explored by Luce Irigaray. Ultimately, it will be confirmed that the solution to revising the site of gender oppression of patriarchal sexuality and intercourse lies with a change in the theories and ideology surrounding basic human sexuality.

In order to identify the important aspects of sexuality and intercourse as a site of gender oppression, taking a closer look at the work of prominent feminist theorists will be necessary. One reading by Marilyn Frye almost perfectly describes the precarious position of women in America, whether they are sexually active or not: It is common in the United States that women, especially younger women, are in a bind where neither sexual activity nor sexual inactivity is all right. If she is heterosexually active, a woman is open to censure and punishment for being loose, unprincipled or...
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