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Good morning ladies and gentleman.Let me draw your attention to one of the more serious issues that is plaguing our society today.Female foeticide.

Female foeticide is the illegal termination of unborn girl child by removing the foetus through the use of medical surgical techniques.Some misguided people get the sex of their unborn child determined by ultrasound technique, and if it is a female foetus, they get it removed by surgery. It is a violation of basic human right and guarantee under the constitution by denying the girl child the right to be born and live. The preference for the male child in our society is the primary reason for this malpractice. In our society people think that male child brings social status for them.Dowry system is also a major reason.A girl child is view as unwanted investment also as a bird of passage, a guest in her own parent’s house. For a healthy society, the male-female sex ratio must be maintained at almost the same level. Due to reckless female foeticide, the male-female child sex ratio is declining at an alarming rate in some sections of our society. This must be stopped immediately. Female foeticide is a matter of shame for the couples who go for it and also for the doctors who perform such operations for earning some quick money!.The EUPHORIA in the house when a small beautiful child enters the house is the same whether its a boy or girl.When your child calls you for the first time or holds ur hand or takes its first steps,it means the same EUPHORIA for parents whether its a boy or girl.So why this discrimination against girls? Let us not forget that our mother is a female, our sister is a female, and our wife is also a female. Then why not have a female as our daughter?Today girls are no longer behind than boys and are matching their every step even outperforming in various spheres of life.A girl is considered as a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi and brings wealth to the house.Girls are also very caring by nature and...
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