Causes of Baby Dumping in Namibia

Topics: Education, Morality, Causality Pages: 1 (332 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Cases of baby dumping have been on an increase over the recent years there for raising questions on what really causes baby dumping. There are several causes of baby dumping such as unemployment, lack of sex education and lack of religious upbringing. We are than going to discuss these causes farther in the next paragraphs. Lack of sex education

The first cause of this issue in Namibia is lack of sex education. Parents and educative institutes failed to educate the children. Now the children are uncomfortable to explain sex situations. The societies lack awareness on sex education. The society thinks that sex education is not important. This might read to baby dumping as the parents are not ready to support their babies. Unemployment

Unemployment is the second cause of this issue. The first reason is that as young children being brought up from poor family backgrounds does lower their esteems. They feel so uncomfortable having a baby. Then the other one is poverty. As a self-employed person it will be a double burden to add another being that needs support. Therefore what they think of as the best solution is just to dump the babies. Lack of religious upbringing

Lack of religious upbringing is also one of the causes of baby dumping. Religion teaches morals that govern humanity. As they lack just that they might turn to do unethical things like baby dumping. Religion teaches family planning and self-control. If society lack religious upbringing then there might be problems with life planning mechanism. Baby dumping can be avoided by bringing up our kids in a moral way but not the opposite. Conclusion

The numbers of baby dumping are still increasing and researches still continuing on finding out other causes of this controversial issue. But we are all faced with the challenges of finding solutions to these issues provided that we found unemployment, lack of sex education and lack of religious upbringing.
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