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Case 1.1 : FedEx
1) List the business processes displayed in the video.
The first step is to pick up the package at the customer’s and to scan it. Therefore, the employee ) inform FedEx than the package is under FedEx’s responsibility. The second step is the transport of the package by truck for instance to a hub (or sorting center). In the third step, the package will process in the sorting center. The package is going to progress in a long and complex net of conveyer belts. This is called the FedEx Ground Automatic Sortation System. Several scans meet packages ways in the sorting center. They check some basic information. One type of scanners checks the size of the box so as to know how much to charge the customer for shipping the package. One other type of scanners scan the package to read the code on it and to know its destination. Some employees are along the conveyer belts to help if the scanners cannot read the code. Then, the packages are transferred to airport. FedEx uses big containers that are especially designed to go in a plane. FedEx control center assure the logistic in the airport. The product is transferred by trucks to its destination to be delivered. The employee scans one last time the package to mention FedEx that the package has been given to the right person at the right place. 1 – Collecting process

2- Sorting process
3 - Moving process
4 – Dispatching process
5 - Delivery
2) List the types of information systems shown in the video. Can you describe how systems that were not shown might be used at FedEx? First, the video shows that the FedEx Sorting System makes date for each package : width, length, volume, destination.. This can be related to a Transaction Processing system. A TPS enables to process routine transactions efficiently. In the video, this matches with the immediate scanning of the packages, the measure of the boxes or the use of the scale for the containers. These data are necessary to conduct business and to...
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