Feasibility Study in Resort Business

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1.Executive Summary
This plan will detail aspects that an Inn must use in order keep proper functionalitywhile still making a profit. We will also touch on customer wants and demands andwhat they feel should be included into ax experience at a hotel and water park.Some factors to look at are: A new appearance:

The website is being redone in order to attract most customers A support and e-mail function will be added to receive customerfeedback A redesigned interior may be in order
Better environment
Attractions may be repaired or rebuilt in order to maintain customersatisfaction Non profitable activities will be limited or removed
More non-water based activities
Possibility of service on demand
New manager, new management
Satisfaction guaranteed
Health Concerns
Healthier food will be promoted
Some healthy foods will be produced on order
Smoking is strictly prohibited
Non-slip floors and prevent falls

Projected and past sales records will be heldWe believe that these new implementations will draw in more customers, retainmore customers, and all while maintaining a safe and profitable environment. Notonly may the company benefit, the the taxes will also go to helping out ourcommunity. 2.Company Description

Splash Bay owns thirty thousand square feet. This is a relatively small indoor waterpark, but it does, however, contain a moderation of attractions, including the RedHydro Spin bowl ride, the Blue Tunnel Twister, an enclosed body slide, and theWalleye River Run lazy river. In addition to the adjacent Holiday Inn, the water parkis affiliated with the nearby Days Inn and Comfort Inn and Suites. The Holiday Innoffers family and executive suites as well as standard hotel rooms. Other amenitiesinclude an arcade, a restaurant, and meeting facilities. We do not own these hotels,but we do have many business agreements with some of them. Splash Bay recentlycame under new management and we hope this turn of events will profit everyoneinvolved. 3.Strategic focus and Plan


Splash bay’s main mission is to provide a family fun environment. In spite of thiswe must also find some profit out of this in order to keep maintaining and improvingSplash Bay’s environment. An increase in sales and recurring customers will greatlyhelp our mission to continually improve our attraction.Goals Nonfinancial Goals

Promote family quality by providing a suitable environment for growth andfamily bonding. •
Allow anyone to feel the sensation that our rides and attraction can bring,allowing them to relieve much stress that they may have from their dailylives. •
Provide top quality service so nobody feels that they did not get theirmoney’s worth. •
Attach out selves to the community to better it and help the growth of theentire county •
Promote good grades in school with
Strive for Excellence

Create a friendly environment with surrounding business’s
Financial Goals

Financial growth for expansion and possibly future Splash Bay resorts. •
Maintain suffice profits

Core Competency and Sustainable Competitive advantageOne thing that makes us an ideal business is that we do not need to create all of the things required to operate our business efficiently. Hotels for people to stay atare all around us, so we are not required to build and maintain our own. We retainmany partnership deals with these hotels which profit all of us. We have very littlecompetition as we are not near any other water parks and that we remain an indoorwater park. We also have advertisements on all of the highways that surround usand including the largely populated area we are located in. All of our lifeguards areRed Cross certified before getting a position as such.

4.SWOT Analysis
The opportunities for this water park could be endless. Also, they need tohave a more billboards on the freeway. Mostly, they could advertise in at the tripleAAA’s offices. There weakness at this point would have to be there website for thewater...
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