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Running head SWOTT Analysis

SWOTT Analysis


Sheila Whitley

August 15, 2011

Instructor: LARRY WOODS

Whitt’s Hotel resort vacation spot

Running a 4 or 5 star luxury Hotel is something that is my lifetime dream, but owning a hotel resort vacation spot is a lifetime business adventure I will work at obtaining. With a strategic plan that could turn my thoughts into reality. The establishment of Whitt’s Hotel resort vacation spot will produce a chance for individuals or families with a desire of a place of relaxation or recreation come and rest. The plan will be to achieve a Business degree while learning every aspect of the hotel industry, working in the public view to acquire exceptional customer service skills. The plan is to do this in a 2step measurement achieving finance experience for over 20 yrs and previously working front desk I will acquire to achieve a position in management as a Front desk Manager, moving on to Front office manager, director of room operations and finally General Manager of a prestigious hotel or hotel resort. The economy is currently flooded with corporations that offer a specific type of resort, the angle I am looking for is small getaways for an individual, couple of family weekend of fun and adventure. With a good strategic plan that will decide the pathway of this business, a strategic plan offers an outline for administrative decisions, reflecting the knowledge of the company the how, when is a good time to start the business and where should the location be to compete against whatever competitors are out there. As an owner of Whitt’s Hotel resort vacation spot, planning business strategies is what must come first and the purpose of the company. Having a mission statement that will explain what the purpose of the company is and what type of service will be provided. With the company’s mission statement it may need to be changed to meet the needs the changes in technology. Once the corporation’s mission statement has been organized, then the objectives are to be attained to accomplish the mission, with specifics on what strategies and tactics to be applied to reach that goal. When evaluating the company’s internal and external location requirements need to be appraised and precise action tactics to implement each strategy requirement to be acknowledged. When a plan is carried out management will need to monitored and restructured when necessary. Any company going into business should select continuing objectives and impressive strategies that will accomplish the most sought-after options. In controlling of a company it takes great strategic planning, directing, managerial organizing and staying on top of strategy decisions and procedures. Strategic management and planning is important in order for a company to accomplish something as a business, a well thought out plan. In the business economy of today a strategic business plan is crucial due to the failure rate of a small businesses being high. A business that does not have a plan is sure to fail, the strategic plan will characterize what the company is doing and where the company is growing and if the company will stand. Strategic planning will also recognize what is expected of the employees and the behavior that is expected. The strategies needed to realize the vision, and will provide the dealings of success to find out if the vision and strategies have been realized. The staff will know what is expected of them and that they play an important role in the future success of the business. A new business it will be affected by external factors both positively and negatively, being aware of these external factors the management team and owner must alter its course of action and have strategic objectives.

In putting together strategic goals and objectives and implementing a plan to...
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