Topics: Terrorism, Fear, English-language films Pages: 2 (717 words) Published: March 14, 2013
I fear dying this way..

The metropolitan city Karachi has descended into a state of fear. The unstoppable violence, crimes, robberies, target killings, suicide bomb blasts, kidnapping for ransom, riots, sectarian and ethnic killings, and abhorrent terrorism have made the city of lights, the capital of terror and constant fear. There is hardly any crime that is not prevalent in Karachi. The prospect of dying is frightening the innocent citizens. Threat, sacrifices, terror, agony and frustration has gripped us. I, too being a Karachiite, fear dying here while my city burns, where the law fears itself and there’s no light showing at the end of the tunnel. Each day, Karachi receives not less than bodies in double figures and unfortunately law enforcers have no answer to the cries of the people who lose their loved ones each day here. The visuals of senseless murdering, riots and blasts used to disturb me badly and when in reality it came in front of me, the terror held me like a vice-like grip. A day of complete horror; I remember it was usual evening where I could see people working in their shops and almost everything was fine. I was talking on the mobile phone, telling my friend that I am about to reach her university (IOBM) to pick her up when suddenly my driver stopped the car. I could watch people running here and there, motor cycles trashing into each other, people pulling down the shutters of their shops and some who were sitting on the bus roof before were now falling down from there and running back. I, not aware of the riot taking place tried asking my driver about what was happening but seeing him trying his best to escape, I stayed quiet. I was stricken into silence and before I could compose myself, I saw few gunmen shooting aimlessly, burning tyres and vehicles on the street and threatening people to close down their shops. It was terrifying. The sweat started to cover my forehead when I saw two gunmen coming towards my car. Horror grabbed my mind...
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