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Topics: Rhetoric, Public library, Sociology Pages: 5 (1777 words) Published: April 23, 2013
The article “The Price of Public Violence” touches on the serious issue of the great harm of public violence on those who have been wounded or who have witnessed the shootings in terms of strong mental trauma. According to the author, the fact that every year a number of people die of murder is startling; moreover, the fact that the majority of murders happen in public places need more attention as the public violence has caused serious consequences. People who have been wounded in the shooting or who have witnessed the shootings suffer a lot from mental stress and even psychic disorder. Those who have witnessed the shootings are unable to accept the fact their schoolmate or close friend have been shot down, just in front of them, which has led to hallucinations, lack of belongingness, distrust of people around and completely be self sealing. Furthermore, some teenagers who have been exposed to public violence turn to violence themselves as a source of power, prestige, security, or even belongingness. This situation can be finally developed to be the vicious circle that violence issues can still hurt more people, and on the contrary the innocent victims will seek refuge by the evil powers, which the violence problem can be a hard nut to crack. The shooting victims are most likely to injury someone else as revenge and some who have been wounded hesitate to share the experience fearing being blamed. In addition, public violence affects those working on the front lines, such as social workers that suffer from mental stress, due to the disastrous consequences of public violence. The article advocated that the stiffer gun control laws, better policing, providing mentoring and after-school programs are essential, and most importantly, the effect of public violence on human soul need to be paid serious attention. On the whole, the author uses lots of statistical data to warn people that there is a huge cost for innocence’s death and civic loss through damage done to the witnesses of violence. The harm of public violence has been discussed effectively in the article through the use of logos, pathos and ethos in the argument, also, the proper and reasonable they say/ I say arguments provide us with the strong theoretical support. The author’s use of logos is effective to state his opinion. The statistics on the number of murder and public violence are listed, which has caught the attention from readers. Like the research data from authorities, such as “Chicago Murder Analysis”, “University of Chicago Crime Lab”, and “The Department of Justice” have made the argument in the article persuasive. Because, those assertive evidences provide the readers with reliable result from the update statistics that it shows them with the necessities to avoid the violence problem. The author has claimed the seriousness of public violence according to the fact that in 2011, more than four-fifths of all murders had happened in public places. The harmful consequences of public violence on shooting victims have been revealed through the examples listed in the article with the original remarks of victims and researchers being quoted, like some of the students they won’t recover from the disastrous violent problems they have ever experienced, even if it is after a long time. Those students who witnessed the shootings suffer unimaginably hard time to face the pressure in their life, attempt forgets all bad memorizes from violence and maintain a good mindset to pull through the difficulties. To prevent those young children have the extreme thoughts that they are strongly recommended to receive the professional treatment, which this has been proven by the research into the action and mind in the program “Healing Hurt People.” The pathos in the article is also powerful. To introduce the topic of public violence, the author uses the incident of murder of a 15-year-old public school student and band majorette who has just played at President Obama’s...
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