Topics: Customer service, Quality control, Hygiene Pages: 3 (666 words) Published: March 11, 2013
We ensure that we meet all the rules and regulations related to the safety and health of our clients. We work within the frame work of the law of the land. 

The manager on duty checks to ensure that entire outlet has been properly washed and cleaned in the morning before the operations begin. This goes for the kitchen as well as the customer’s area. 

Another important quality control measure performed by our manager is to check and ensure that the critical food areas have been checked for proper temperatures and taste. We also make sure that the food is properly stored and preserved. This testing maintains consistent quality and taste for our customers and it helps us to identify a problem so that it can be rectified well in time.  Customers want to know they will be served a quality product every time they visit your establishment. It is critical that food be fresh, prepared properly and served at the right temperature. The presentation of the food is as important as the taste. Consistency is the key, so be sure all kitchen staff and chefs follow the same preparation and cooking guidelines for each dish. Menus should offer enough variety to satisfy tastes as well as special dietary needs such as lactose-intolerance, gluten allergy or vegetarian.

Surprise Visits: 
Surprise visits are conducted by our top management at various outlets. We need to be always ready for these surprise visits. This is to check a cross section of things such as staffing levels, sanitation, customer services, food preparation and presentation. 

Extra care is taken to ensure proper hygiene both while preparing as well as serving the food. The staff is always using sanitized tools in cooking and serving food. Though customers may never see the kitchen, cleanliness, order and high standards in this area are keys to quality control. Be sure food is rotated with each delivery to maintain freshness. Storage temperatures should be...
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