Favorite Holiday

Topics: Bread, Christmas, Christmas tree Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Do you know what’s your favorite holiday is? I do. Every Christmas I can count on gifts, food, and family. First of all every Christmas morning my little brother is the first one up early, waiting for our mother to wake up and let him open gifts. Video games, clothes, tablets, and sneakers are in the boxes under the tree. I received an iPad, Pavilion laptop and Dre Beats for my music. My mother received everything she wanted and that's us being happy and appreciative. Furthermore everybody was excited it was Christmas, later that morning families and friends ring the doorbell of our door and wished us a merry Christmas, and we said the same back. Afterwards the crowed disperse, and my mother started to cook. We were having a Christmas dinner. Eventually, the stew chicken had been set in the very center of the table, with the gravy all over it; between the bowls of the stew chicken is the sea food salad. On the counter surrounding the stew chicken is fried chicken with fruits and vegetables. Next to the stew chicken on a custom designed platter is the home made banana bread sliced on an entree. Surrounding the fried chicken are king fish and whitening. Across from the curry chicken is the breaded tilapia with onions on the top, cut up with Jamaican peppers. The scent of freshly peeled onions gave of aroma on the butter shrimps. Furthermore, the table was covered with deserts. Foremost the banana bread was fresh out the oven, cooling off in the bread pan. Next to the bread pan, is butter and honey in little containers all different brands. Lastly are the rum cakes. Freshly baked, sweet smelling with Jamaican rum given that rich taste. The rum cake has a dark color and very soft crest, with a very moist feeling. In the refrigerator are the different pitchers filled with blended peanut and Guinness. The ice cold water is the first pitcher to come out of the refrigerator followed closely with the ice tea. Finally as I sit by the window and stare out into the trees, I...
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