Winter Break Essay

Topics: Family, English-language films, Christmas worldwide Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: February 2, 2013
winter break essay
If you’re looking for an essay about a thrilling adventure where a young teenage girl finds her destiny and saves the world from a zombie apocalypse, then you’ve come to the wrong place. But if you’re searching for a slightly duller story about a teenager’s Christmas break, then you have arrived at your destination. I know it may not sound that appealing, but keep reading because you may be surprised. This essay describes what I did over winter break such as opening presents and baking cupcakes. T’was the night before Christmas and I was wide awake! I spent Christmas Eve at my dad’s apartment. We didn’t do anything too special except play MW3 and watch The Simpsons. We ate dinner, although I can’t remember what it was I mean really, it was two weeks ago! I helped my dad wrap a few presents for my brother and he wrapped a few of mine. Basically it was a pretty uneventful night but I still enjoyed it! My brother woke me up on Christmas morning. He practically had to drag me out of bed and it turned out I could have slept at least another twenty minutes because my dad made us wait for him to get up and make coffee. Finally my brother and I unwrapped our presents. I got a pink Aéropostale sweater, some One Direction books and magazines, the new Taylor Swift album on vinyl, TOMS that are too big for my feet and a bunch of candy I can’t eat because of my braces. Then we drove to my mom’s house to celebrate Christmas there. When we arrived at my mom’s house, I was excited to open my presents but my mom said I had to play with my youngest brother first. When I opened my gifts I was very impressed. I got some One Direction notebooks, my favourite movie called Pitch Perfect, a TNA hoodie and….. (drum roll please) Taylor Swift concert tickets!!!!! There wasn’t much time before we left for Christmas dinner at my Uncle Will’s house. Every year all of my family gets together for Christmas dinner. We alternate who is the host for each year...
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