Fashion: Clothing and Style

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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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Fashion Interview Paper

Fashion plays a major role in people’s lives; it is always changing bringing in new styles as well as new colors for each season. When it comes to fashion, everyone wants the latest trend, to be in style whether they are inspired by celebrities or the fashion worn in the streets. Many questions arise as to why people buy what they buy, how much money they are willing to spend, where they shop at etc. I conducted an interview on 5 of my friends about their shopping habits to learn more about their style.

Cathy one of my friends at MU classifies her style as simple and casual. She is into fashion that is colorful. Her favorite places to shop at are Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and Love Culture. When she was asked what items she tends to buy most of it were either dresses or shirts. The amount of money in total that she spends during shopping ranges from $40-$70. I asked her if she gravitated towards style or color, she said that it depends sometimes it is based on the color but the style to her was an important factor because she wanted something that went well with her body.

Fanny, one of my MU friends defines her style as casual. Her favorite store to shop at is Forever 21. The items that she brought mostly when shopping were tops, price range was as long as it wasn’t over $100. When it came to style or color, Fanny was all for color. Color plays an important role to her when it came to shopping, if it was one of her favorite colors she was all for it.

Emily, one of my MU friends says her style is simple but bright. She loves color in her wardrobe. The stores that she shops at are Forever 21, H&M, Old Navy, and Wet Seal. Her price range for clothing was $60, she had a set budget for her shopping so she that she was able to limit herself on the amount of money that she was willing to spend. Emily is tall so her favorite item to purchase is maxi dresses.

Lauren, one of my MU friends...
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