Farm Girl Summary

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“Farm Girl” Summary
Week 2 Assignment 1.1
By: Kelley Morris

Dorothy Hoerr

The essay I chose was “Farm Girl”. In this memoir I believe the writer’s intention was to express the importance of how the thing you endure as a child help to mold you into the person you become as an adult. Sometimes we don’t realize or appreciate the opportunity at the time it presents itself. In the memoir, she expresses her dislike of having her time taken up by chores on the farm and missing out on other activities. At the time, she would rather have slept in and been involved in school and sports programs. She blamed not having a social life outside of school on having to work on the farm. Not realizing it at the time, she reflects back to remember how the responsibilities and rules set forth for her as a child helped her. She stated, “Though I hated it growing up, working on the farm has taught me many lessons on life, and it has shaped me into the individual I am today.” Jessica has also come to acknowledge that being different and/or standing out does not have to be a negative quality. She remembers feeling left out of conversations, “The topic of conversation at the lunch table never involves me.” Though getting up at five in the morning and working on the farm until seven-thirty every morning, and following “the same routine” every day made her feel different and stick out from her peers, it allowed her to manage her time well and taught her the value of responsibility. The writer’s purpose in this memoir was to open the minds of her readers. To help them appreciate the things in life that has contributed to their success, and to never be ashamed of where you come from. The genre is biographical since she discusses her life experiences. She appeals to the younger group of adults and females with the sensitivity on the writing. She also focuses on independence and originality of individuals. “Farm Girl” made me think about my...
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