A Story by a Love for Poetry

Topics: World view, Linguistic relativity, Culture Pages: 5 (1481 words) Published: May 2, 2013
A Story by A love for poetry
Write your chosen Essay 2 topic here: B) Trudgen argues that world view is as important as language when communicating in an intercultural context. Discuss this claim in relation to beginning students

Patricia Bizzell wrote her hypothesis on: What Happens When Basic Writers Come to College. She explains basic writers as: "those who are least well prepared for college"; giving these writers the name "outlanders" for their outlandishness. This outlandishness given by Bizzlle; is understood in the form in which a "freshman" writer, tries to interpret the course material in their written essays or thesis. For a least well-prepared student in their debut of university; this makes for some very daunting times. As this thesis will discover; the importance of language; modes of communication and influences of [held] world views; in a freshman's adjustment into university culture. Often seen as a "clash among dialects".

What Bizzell calls the "clash among dialects" refers to the distance between a student’s home dialect; [common word usage], and standard English [university word usage]. This "clash" alone bears a great amount of difficulty; what really compounds this situation further is "world view". As Defined by Hobson: "A world view is the primary conceptual framework within which our beliefs, values, attitudes and assumptions about ourselves and others are held". Depending on the educational influence of the students background or "world view"; greatly determines the amount of "clash" [distance], between the two dialects. A dialect in this case, is given to the: “common word usage” of the student; vs. “university word usage” or Standard English.

In this sense, worldview plays a vital role for the newly university learner; making the adjustment from their common or home "word usage" to "university" [standard English] word usage. As Samavor & Porter state: "world views, again like culture are automatic and unconscious"; with further reference to this idea they go on to quote Hall as saying: "often, world views operate on an unconscious level, so that we are not even aware". This then, identifies the complexity of "discourse" in writings; evident in the modes of expressive language, from that of the student-learner.

In some cases it can be seen as: worldview playing more a pivotal role. As Trudgen greatly discovers; worldview being just as important as language. Trudgen points out the need to understand communication within a set worldview. As his writing points to this very important fact. For 13 years, a doctor was using his worldview of “medical English” to communicate to another worldview of “simple English”. Strangely this situation required further consideration; the patient was [in this case, an Aboriginal Australian] communicating through his secondary language, [English]. What compounded this problem even further was the tribal communication "customs"; which, not to go into greater detail; also needed another point of serious consideration. These findings and examples given so far illustrate very well, Trudgen’s point of view--that communication and world view are equally important--the patient in this case; was only able to find out what the doctor had been telling him after 13 years "his preventative, early death; could have been avoided, had he had someone sit down with him to give explanations and examples based on terms that he could understand.

Perhaps we can look closely for a second at the influence of worldviews. Seen in universities today [2012] there are a number of diverse ethnic or [kin-ship] cultural people attending university. Not all of these newly students are familiar with the customs and rituals of the [western] university culture. At times, there is a great deal of friction. Ballard & Clanchy note the need for: the "appropriate mode of analysis" and the "general rules of discourse and argumentation" when writing in a particular discipline....
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