Farm Girl

Topics: High school, Ninth grade, College Pages: 3 (1047 words) Published: February 19, 2013
“Farm Girl”
Jon Jones
English Composition 115

February 17, 2013

“Farm Girl”, is an essay by Jessica Hemauer, who is trying to fit in with other kids at her school. She lives on a farm where she has her responsibilities before school and after school, and she is not able to participate in school functions or other activities that the other kids get to do. Her dream is to join basketball and other clubs because she feels that is the only way she will fit in with everyone else at school. Jessica wakes up at 5 with her sisters, Angie and Melissa and her brother, Nick so they can help their father with the morning chores on the farm. It does not matter what else is going on with the family they have to get up every morning and help with the chores. After they get up they have a routine of getting dressed and head down to the basement, where they keep their outside clothes, so they do not stick up the house. They put on their barn clothes and head out to the barn to help their father. Jessica has her chores and so does her brother and sisters. Jessica has to help her sisters with sanitizing the milk machines, prepare the milk equipment and set up the station with towels and charts the cows that need medication. The other thing Jessica does, which is her favorite thing to do, is feed the newborn calves. She loves doing this job because she finally gets to take care of something that is not taking care of her. After she was done with that, all the kids help and clean out the pens and lay fresh straw down. Jessica does not like this job too much because it is the dirtiest job they have to do. She gets done with her morning chores about 7:30 and head back to the house to get ready for school. Once back in the basement they hang their farm clothes over a folding chair near the washing machine. As they head up the stairs, to get showers and get ready for school they can smell smoked bacon and cheese omelets being cooked. As she is running out the door yelling at the...
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