Farewell: Education and School

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It is often said that the best period in the life of anyone is the time that he spends in school. This is, undoubtedly, golden era, which he recollects nostalgically for the rest of his stay in the world. And this golden period of my life came to its sudden end on the 5th of February, which was my last day at school.

Since it was the day of parting from my friends, school-mates and teachers, the farewell party was heart-breaking, as my educational career in the school was drawing to a close. It was the time to leave for good, my dear school, where I had spent my past ten years of life.

The farewell had to take place in the big hall, decorated with strips of multi-coloured paper, balloons and fancy lights. The seats were arranged in a semi-circle. There were chairs for teachers and other inmates of the school.

Though there was an atmosphere of joy and excitement, yet it was tinged with an air of melancholy and sadness. All out-going students were in their best civil dress. This was the first time in the span of twelve years that I was not wearing my school uniform. Though sad, but feeling great, we all occupied our seats and the function started.

In the beginning, there was the ceremony of lighting the lamp which was inaugurated by the Principal of our school. This was followed by the students of the 12th class lighting their candles from the big lamp. Then came the students of the 11th class hosting the party in our honour. It included mouth­watering, tasty dishes and drinks. After the party, programmes of entertainment were put up for our amusement and recreation by the hosting party.

There were the items of balloon- breaking with a foot, eating buns hanging down a string, musical chair, and mimicry and conferring the titles on all. I was called the ‘Indian Skylark’ because of my passion for singing. Some of them sang folk songs and danced a rig.

Finally, we were asked to take over the charge of the stage and present our items. While our...
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