Graduating 8th Grade

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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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     Graduating 8th Grade I was sitting in my white chair with a big knot in my stomach. A bright light beam of excitement shot through my quivering body. Today was the day I had been looking forward to almost all year. The day I was finally graduating from the middle school; the place that I was forced to survive for two tedious years of my life. I was getting out and moving on.        Some kids from my grade started giving a speech. I listened very intently. After some time passed, it was finally time for us to get our certificates. A student jumped out of the seat at the sound of her name and walked over to get her diploma. As the other students shuffled out of their seats, there was clapping and cheering as loud as fireworks.  Nervousness filled me like water being poured into a jar. What would happen when I went up to get my diploma? I was afraid of saying something humiliating. After waiting for what seemed like years, I got up. At the sound of my name I ran and got my diploma with gratefully no problems. I smiled as I heard loud whistling, clapping, and cheering all around me. I happily rushed back to my seat. Afterwards, I waited long boring hours in my seat in the extremely hot weather wishing the ceremony was already over.       Finally, the ceremony ended. I got out of my chair glad not to be sitting down any longer. I looked around for my family. We went to have lunch at a nearby restaurant. As we walked there, the small tight high heels I was wearing made my feet hurt. As we walked through the door, I heard the the quiet buzzing of people all around me. The inside of the building seemed like it was as small as the inside of a tent. As I was waiting impatiently for the food, I spotted a girl from my school who also was graduating. I wanted to say something to her, but she seemed too busy with her family. The food finally came. The food and dessert was as good as if it were brought from heaven. I finished my...
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