Stall and School Fete

Topics: Stall Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: December 14, 2012
What day of the week in your most favourite? I asked the children of my class. Almost all of them replied in unison……… ‘Sunday!’ It was not very difficult to figure out the reason. A day without books without being tied up in the classroom without having to wait for the class to get over, without having to sit quiet for 45 long minutes, (for ten times a day)……. In short without any restriction is every child’s idea of a fun filled day. I just wondered what if the children get an opportunity to spend one such day at school without all these restrictions. As if the school management heard my thoughts, it was decided that our school would organize a fete, ‘COMPASSION 2012’ on oct ’ 12. The moment this decision was announced, the joy on the students’ faces had to be seen to be believed. It was as if Christmas had descended early and Santa was around doing away gifts! All eyes were eagerly awaiting the dawn of 11 Oct‘12. The behind the scenes preparations for the fete were indeed taxing, but all the pain vanished when D Day arrived. The fete brought out all the excitement and exuberance of the students and teachers alike. The various snack stalls, game stalls, and some information stalls added colour to the already vibrant atmosphere. It was like one big family out there, enjoying a massive family event….with everyone playing hosts and guests at the same time. The activities were fun and easy tasks for children to complete in a short length of time. The games topping the coin, hitting the tin, estimating the peapods, making pairs, guessing the right bottle, breaking the pyramid, tambola, trying luck with rings, kept the gathering enthralled. All the stall holders were doing their best to attract more people. The bouncy train rides were popular amongst the toddlers. Our school band was ‘ROCKING’ as usual. They played the requests put up by everyone. The lively music played by them made the environment fascinating. There were enough first aid personnel to cover...
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