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Topics: Golf, PGA Tour, Arnold Palmer Pages: 3 (1290 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Arnold Palmer: Introducing the World to Golf

Years before Jack Nicklaus, decades before Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer was the face of golf. His followers grew so large, they became somewhat of an Army. He was the first golfer to earn $1 million in his career. His emergence onto the golf scene coincided with the rise in televised coverage, so the young man from Latrobe, Pa., attracted millions of fans to the sport. Arnold Daniel Palmer was born in Youngstown, Pennsylvania, the oldest of Milfred "Deacon" Palmer and Doris Palmer's four children. He grew up in nearby Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Palmer's father gave golf lessons at the Latrobe Country Club and gave Arnold his first set of golf clubs when the boy was three years old. This is where the Social Self Theory begins to come into play. By Palmer getting clubs at such a young age and didn’t quite know the ropes, he was experiencing the Imitation Stage. Palmer would watch his father as he gave lessons to others and did what he saw. Arnold began soon after to sneak onto Latrobe's nine-hole course at every opportunity. He began working as a caddie at the age of eleven, slowly entering the Play Stage. As young Palmer grew, his hobby of golfing became continually, and the love for golf became more prevalent. When he became older he was involved in the Game Stage, playing for the Latrobe High School golf team. Palmer lost only one match in four years. As he became more serious and dedicated to golf, he met some people and made a decision that would change his life forever. During his senior year he met Bud Worsham, whose brother was a professional golfer. At Worsham's urging, Palmer accepted a golf scholarship to Wake Forest College in North Carolina. Palmer rose so high in the golf world and the sporting world, taking part of the Generalized Other Stage, that he went by just one name, the King. He earned that nickname on the course and, like many royals in the feudal system, this King's reach extended far beyond the...
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