Tiger Woods

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Before he turned three years old he was already appearing on television and impressing everybody from the host of the show and all the way to his Dad with his golf swing. Tiger Woods came on the Mike Douglas show along with his Dad to show off his talent for the game of golf. Tiger’s father, Earl Woods had always been a lifelong golf advocate. Most people feel like Earl Woods was a bigger fan of golf then his son and Tiger merely started to play the sport due to his father’s passion for the game and he wanted to make his dad proud so he took up the sport practically out of the womb. Tiger came onto the scene at such a young age and stayed in the spotlight because of his uncanny ability to play golf at such a ridiculously young age. After his putting competition against comedian Bob Hope, after turning three Tiger went on to shoot a 48 over a nine hole span on a local course. Now for people who are not a fan of golf, the average professional golfer would shoot around a 35 through a nine hole span. Then you have your average golfer who would happily take Tiger’s score anytime they go out to play nine holes. So for him to be doing something of this nature at that age is more then remarkable. Listing his golfing accomplishments prior to attending college would take quite some time but the amazing thing is that it would not compare to the list he has piled up since turning pro and joining the PGA tour. Tiger went to play golf at the University of Stanford. He eventually turned pro after just two years at Stanford, clearly before graduating. This move by Tiger was very perplexing because from what we know his family seemed like the type that would expect Tiger to not just go to college to play golf but also to earn a degree. This is why many people believed he chose Stanford was for the reason of an education along with the opportunity to play golf at such a prestigious school. We saw though, from the moment Tiger entered his first major championship he was not meant to be spending his time in college, he needed to be out competing against the best of the best. Little did we know that the best of the best was his truly. Tiger went on to capture his first major championship in his first attempt at the 1997 Masters. The highly coveted green jacket belonged to a young Tiger Woods. This seemed to be his only accomplishment on the golf course throughout the next two years. He ended up bouncing back in 1999 to win another major but it wasn’t until 2000 when he burst out onto the scene and took the golfing nation by storm. He went on to win the final three majors of the year then in 2001 after winning the masters he became the first player in PGA history to hold all four major championships at the same time. It was then, people started to think that we may have the next Jack Nicklaus right before our eyes. Jack Nicklaus holds the record for the most major championships ever won with a total of 18. A lot of people started to put this expectation on Tiger that he was going to break this record and become the greatest golfer to have ever played. Tiger had a very interesting and dissected relationship with his father. I noted to it earlier how Earl Woods passion for the game of golf is the reason we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to watch his son Tiger dominate the golf scene. Throughout his career Tiger always talked about how his dad was his best friend, role model, mentor, all of it. He didn’t think higher of anybody. When Tiger found out that his dad had been cheating on his mom it devastated him. His high school sweetheart talks about how he would call her in the middle of night before he went off to college crying about how his dad was cheating on his mom and he didn’t know what he should do. Although his father later admitted to his acts of adultery and his parents eventually split. Tiger’s relationship with his dad never seemed to falter. His dad was still out there with him on the course just as much as he had been...
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