Fallacy, Bias, Rhetorical Devices

Topics: Fallacy, Question, Rhetoric Pages: 2 (385 words) Published: October 5, 2011
Write a minimum 500-word response to the following questions:

·What are some examples of bias, fallacies, and specific rhetorical devices in the speech? ·How did the speaker address arguments and counter arguments? ·Were the speaker’s arguments effective? Explain your answer.

This speech was done before election time of the new governor. This video had many examples of fallacies. “Using emotion the wrong way most often creates what is known as a fallacy. Fallacies occur when you use an illogical argument.” The running governor Kane continuously made comments about present governor Ghetty. Kane said things like, “He didn’t have much of a hope of being elected but Jim Ghetty has less of a chance.” Kane’s son also makes a fallacy and says, “ Is dad governor yet?” This statement was assuming he was going to win before he won. The speaker addressed argumnets by saying all the things Ghetty does wrong and then making a promise of doing better. The speakers arguments were effective. The audience was enthusiastic, as Kane was too. The room was feeding off of his energy and becoming excited. The speaker showed a lot of confidence for becoming governor.

Apple polishing: Appealing to someone’s vanity to persuade him or her. Apple polishing was what Kane was using when speaking about Ghetty. The speaker tried to make himself sound better than his opponent.

Ad hominem: Attacking a person rather than attacking an argument. Kane used Ad hominem when talking about promises that Ghetty made and did not keep. Kane then commented more about things that Ghetty did wrong. After he talked bad about his opponent, he then spoke good about himself.

Rhetorical devices are writing techniques designed to draw an emotional response from a reader. These were also used throughout this video. Kane used emotion and confidence to rise the energy of the crowd. The speaker insisted on making his opponent sound unfit. The speaker then changed the...
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