Topics: The Hobbit, Smaug, One Ring Pages: 3 (1018 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Maram Anabtawi
Exam 2
Folklore and Fairytale
In The Hobbit, there are major themes of bravery and transformation. The main character goes through a lot of character and personality changes. By the end of the novel the hobbit, also known as Bilbo Baggins, is almost a different person with many new characteristics. Bilbo Baggins starts out as a round bellied little creature who is happy staying at home. Bilbo is half the size of a man and likes comfortable, peaceful life. Bilbo has two family characteristics that he has inherited. The Baggins side of his family is exactly what Bilbo likes at the beginning of the book. The Baggins are typical hobbits who like food and their hobbit holes. The other side of his family the Tooks, like adventure. The characteristics of the Tooks start to show a lot more by the end of the book. The wizard Gandalf, goes to visit the little Hobbit in the beginning or the story and asks him if he wants to be a burglar for the dwarves on their adventure. The dwarves and going on a very long and dangerous adventure to reclaim their treasure in the Lonely Mountain that is being guarded by a powerful dragon named Smaug. The dwarves view the hobbit as helpless and they doubt his ability to perform this job as burglar. Bilbo doesn’t like the idea of the adventure but he is persuaded and tricked into going. In this part of the story Bilbo does not show much bravery or Took characteristics. Bilbo’s first task as a burglar is to investigate the light of a fire from three large trolls. Bilbo is starting to show great bravery when he decides to try to pick pocket one of the trolls but does not succeed and gets him and the dwarves into a lot of trouble that is eventually fixed partly by Gandalf and partly by the sun when the trolls are turned to stone. This gives the dwarves reasons to doubt the hobbit even more. The dwarves and the hobbit start to advance upon the Misty Mountains and find sheltered cave they think is safe to spend the night in....
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