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The Hobbit Questions
Chapters 1-3
1. The first three chapters reveal Bilbo’s “ordinary world”, how he is comfortable and relaxed with his same old life, then the “call to adventure”, when Gandalf shows up and asks Bilbo for his help and Bilbo’s “refusal of the call”, and “meeting with the mentor” was when all the dwarves and Gandalf took over Bilbo’s house, then the morning after the “crossing the first threshold” is revealed when Bilbo leaves his house and town accompanying the dwarves into the new mysterious world. 2. The Hero – Bilbo Baggins, he is the main character, “The Hobbit”. Mentor – Gandalf, he is very wise, he guides and helps Bilbo. 3. Bilbo’s “ordinary world” is his house and town, and Bilbo crossing the threshold is when he enters the unknown world, which is when he accompanies the dwarves without proper preparation and encounters his first enemies, the trolls. 4. Smaug, “The Shodow”, is introduced in the dwarves’ story as the dragon that drove all the dwarves out of their mountain and claiming their treasure. Smaug’s flaming breath can scorch a city, his huge wings can carry him great distances, and his armor-like hide is almost impenetrable. Smaug can also speak and possesses a dark, ironic sense of humor. 5. At Chapter one, in Bilbo’s “Ordinary World” food wasn’t the issue at all, Bilbo’s little party had lots of food and everyone ate. At Chapter 2 food was very limited and was hard to find. Chapter 5

1. I believe that Gollum is the “Shapeshifter”, he might not change his look but he is two-faced, as if there are 2 people in his little body, which disrupts Bilbo from his adventure. 2. In Chapter 5 Bilbo is alone without Gandalf or the dwarves to assist him and he has to deal with Gollum all by himself. This helps Bilbo transform and grow into a smarter, more courageous and confident little “Hero” by making his own decisions the “right” decisions, for example he could’ve killed Gollum but he felt bad and let him live....
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