Factors That Affect the Performance to Pass the L.E.T.

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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= originates from the experience of the misery of life.
= meditation or enlightenment, when someone succeeded doing meditation. Teaches the Noble Eight-fold of Path:
1. Right Knowledge – Some convictions are necessary to achieve a good life. 2. Right Aspiration – Decide what it is that we really want. 3. Right Speech – Language and speech patterns show us a lot about ourselves. 4. Right Behavior – a kind of paradox results from considering that often behavior precedes states of mind. 5. Right Livelihood – your occupation should be in accordance with and no interfere with, your path. 6. Right Effort – entails doing things at the “staying speed”. 7. Right Mindfulness – state of being aware, awareness of truth; seeing things as they are, not what you fear or what them to be. 8. Right Contemplation – meditation on spiritual matters, especially as a form of devotion. It also teaches five (5) precepts:

1. Not to kill
2. Not to steal
3. Not to lie
4. Not to commit adultery
5. Not to drink intoxicating liquors0

=Meditate and Exercise for all Students=
The word Meditation comes from in religion of Buddhism which means act of reflection and focusing in a silent mode of environment to meditate or simply reflection on sacred matters as a devotional act.

The word exercise is the activity for the purpose of training or developing the body or mind. =Objectives=
For the students know the benefits of meditation and exercise in their study, body and mind. To know their culture by knowing the eight-fold path and, the five precepts of Buddhism.
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