Factors Affecting the Growth of Bacteria

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  • Published : November 14, 2012
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Anna Wencel II IB

|LAB REPORT | |Factors affecting the growth of bacteria |

Introduction: Bacteria make up a large domain of prokaryotic microorganisms. And how can be bacteria destroyed? Antibiotics are widely used in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. Antibiotic is a substance, such as penicillin or streptomycin, produced by or derived from certain fungi, or other organisms, that can destroy or inhibit the growth of other microorganisms.[1] Bacteria can be also killed by the more natural method - garlic, figures among the most reliable antibiotics given by nature.

Aim: My aim was to make an experiment using blotting paper soaked in garlic to see how it affects the bacteria and whether garlic actually stops the growth of the bacteria and it could be called as a reliable antibiotic.

Hypothesis: Garlic is known as a natural antibiotic therefore I assume that it will somehow affect the bacteria and stop the growth of them if not in the whole medium than just around the blotting paper.

Research question: How does garlic affects the growth of bacteria?


• Dependant: bacteria growth
• Independent: garlic
• Controlled: blotting paper, temperature, time, medium MRS

This experiment was designed on the base of teacher’s oral task.


• 2 small rectangular of blotting papers
• pipette
• water
• 3 items - growth medium for bacteria
• garlic
• vessel
• probiotic – bacteria Lactobacillus
• stick tape
• burner
• incubator
• beaker [150ml volume]


1. Pour ¼ of water into the beaker
2. Take the pill of probiotic , open it and pull the content of it into the breaker. 3. Stir it exactly.
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