Factors Affecting Poor Communication Skill on Stude

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The Problem and its Background

Language is one of the liberal arts on which education in every School offers isbased. The school wants to help the students to improve their abilities to communicate their thoughts and feelings effectively in English for it is the second official language of our country. There are two types of communication, the verbal communication and the other is the Non-verbal communication. Being a Filipino, it is the “lingua franca” of social, Professional and the business word as able to develop one’s proficiency in English. However, what are the factors that affect poor communication skills of most students especially at PCCr (Forth year criminology students) and some other colleges? In addition, what is the Importance of it in their future field of work? As an English student, one studies literature, language, culture, history, and develops his/her knowledge on the four aspects of communication arts namely speaking, listening, reading and writing. Many students are not motivated to study because of some reasons. They are not interested in the English subject maybe because they are afraid, they cannot speak English well or simply teacher factor. There are some teachers who cannot encourage their students to attend their class regularly.

As future criminologists, you may be working in universities and colleges teaching criminology course, justice and sociology subjects. Others will be handling themselves and consulting services for law reform, justice, forensic psychology, behavioral science or crime statistics. One of the important duties that criminologist do, is to testify in court whereby one’s expression of English language is required. Moreover, criminology-graduating students are expected to have developed their proficiency in communication skills in the earlier years of their schooling in college. As future Law Enforcers when under taking an investigation, effective communication with people in the community are necessary. This is being under taken to determine the factors that hinder, and become barrier among the forth year criminology graduating students in the expressions of their thoughts, feelings and ideas on all aspects and situation of communication arts. Moreover if only these students have spent so much time and effort during their early years in the high school and even in college, such as problem of poor communication would not be possibly be experienced and would prevail.

Statement of the Problem

The purpose of this study is to develop Poor Communication skills among selected Fourth Year Criminology students of PCCr. This study will answer the following questions: 1. What are the factors that affecting Poor communication skills among selected Fourth yr. Criminology students of PCCr? 2. How will these factors may over come or avoided?



Importance of the Study
This study imparted an idea and knowledge to students regarding effective communication skills as an important tool to their personal and professional life. Thus, this study inspired them to continue the research in helping the students to face their fear in studying English language and improving it to have confidence in speaking in front of others. In order to study English as a second language and be successful at it, the student must be helped by the teacher to acquire skills in the four language arts skills; namely: Speaking, reading, listening and writing. People who connect effectively with others use simple, but effective and powerful communication techniques that help create better relationships. This produces better lives for themselves and the people they connect with. This study would equip the students effective speaking and writing. Without effective communication skills, a person may find it impossible to climb up the corporate ladder. Thus, promotions come to those...
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