Factors Affecting Academic Failure Among High School Students

Topics: High school, Secondary education, College Pages: 18 (4679 words) Published: March 6, 2013
St. Thomas More Academy, Inc.
High School Department
Molino III, Bacoor City, Cavite

Factors Affecting Academic Failure
Among High School Students of
St. Thomas More Academy

Zarah Abigail L. Hernando

Christian Dale C. Martagon

John Bon Oliver V. Reyes

Majella Marie S.D Miguel

John Rene S.G Masuba

Liezel Ann D. Deslate

Jason Paolo D. Dumon

Crisbie G. Villondo

IV - St. Rita of Cascia

Chapter I
The problem and its background


Education makes a man perfect. Everyone has to pass through three stages of education. These are – primary education, secondary education and higher education. In primary education children start to learn the basic knowledge. After that they come to the stage of secondary education. High school is the destination where students have to come to take secondary education. In this stage students are not children. This stage of education has a great effect on everyone’s life.

Teens that are going through high school are also going through one the most important times of their development. For many, this moment in life is a time in which a cross-road is approaching; determining the path that they will take after high school graduation. In addition to maintaining grades, there are barrages of different elements that burden teens during this time that can make their lives among the most stressful.

Education at secondary school or teen level is supposed to be the foundation towards higher knowledge in college. It is an investment as well as an instrument that can be used to achieve a more rapid economic, social, political, technological, scientific and cultural development in the country. The National Policy on Education (2004) stipulated that secondary education is an instrument for national development that fosters the worth and development of the individual for further education and development, general development of the society and equality of educational opportunities

The Millennium Development Goal of Education of the United Nations stated that “Education is the key that allows people to move up in the world, seek better jobs, and ultimately succeed fully in life. Education is very important, and no one should be deprived of it.” But with many factors that interferes studies specifically the different difficulties that students face both inside and outside the classroom the end goal-education for all, might not succeed especially on the larger scope not just in STMA but on the society at large.

With these in mind, the researchers understand that the school should look seriously on the factors affecting student’s performance academically. Factors that hampers’ the advancement of the students that if unchecked will ultimately hamper them to pursue higher education and quit their studies and eventually add to the future burden of the society.

Conceptual Framework

The framework of this research as can be viewed below will anchor on the independent variable high school students while factors affecting academic performance are the dependent variable with specific subunits of a. social b. economic and c. personal

Factors Affecting Academic Failure

a. Social
b. Economic
c. Personal

Factors Affecting Academic Failure

a. Social
b. Economic
c. Personal

High School Students

High School Students
Independent VariableDependent Variable

Fig. 1 Research Paradigm

Statement of the Problem
This study will focus on answering the following problems:
1. What is the extent of students’ academic failure factors in terms of:

a. Social b. Economic c. Intellectual/emotional

2. What are the reasons why students fail in their academic subjects?

3. What are the common subjects students have difficulty coping up with?

4. What could be the contribution of the following to solve academic failure?

a. students b. parents/guardians c....
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