Difference Between High School and University.

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  • Published : July 10, 2012
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High school and university are two important levels of every education’s foundation in the world. It educates young people, brings them the knowledge to help them promote their ability position in the future. It also creates precious forces for every country’s future. Through the name of these two levels express two uninterrupted steps in an important process used for educating people. This means that there are definitely some similarities and differences between high school and university. We can easily realize some similarities between high school and university. The first thing is both of which are the same in purpose and benefits. When attending to high school, you will be educated by teacher through giving you more knowledge not only from text books but also from teacher’s experiences, training you how to improve your skill in learning, how to make friend with everyone, or even help to take form your personality, etc. The things you can get from university are the same. The second thing, also similar,is the structure, every grade has every different kind of knowledge to study. The first year is always more general than the last year which is the busiest time in student’s life for difficult exams, good scores, and working hard for graduation.

However, there are also many obvious differences between high school and university.
The first thing is rules. when you are in high school, there are too many rules for you to follow; of course, those rules mainly mention to your behavior when being school time. For example, in high school, you have to wear uniform whenever you enter to school gate all days each week; while if you are in university; you just need to wear uniform 2 days a week on Monday and on Friday. The rest days allow you to be as fashionable as you can or as comfortable as you are. Another example is about school schedule which is quite tight in high school. You need to be present in your class in that subject without exception if you are high...
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