Facility Management

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Facility Management
1.1 Access the delivery of a range of customer services within a facilities management context Functions and customer services of facility: (1) security facility (2) food and beverage facility (3) meeting facility (1) Security facility: in the office building. Security facility is very important, because this is related to safety of the customers. When the customers come to office building, office building should let customers feel everything is safe. They don’t need worry anything, when they stay in the office building. So in the office building’s office, first should have safety doors, just customers have the key the second is safe-box, let customers put some valuable things to inside. In addition, in the office building, Corridor and lobby should install existing CCTV surveillance system, on every floor there is a fire hydrant and fire door. The main purpose is first let customers don’t worry their safety, the second is let office building’ s staff also don’t need worry their safety, let customer and staff have a good feeling & comfortable staying and working in the hotel . Central Square doing very well at part of security facility, the reason is Central Square have a very safety elevator, when the people enter the elevator, must use office card to activate the elevator, if don’t have office card, the elevator can’t work, the main purpose is prevent someone is not Central Square’s guest go in to square, the staircases also have this system. In addition, Central Square also has fire evacuation exit, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, light and unlighted exit signage. Central Square really is all aspect to protect customers and staff safety.

(2) Food and beverage facility: in company, food and beverage facility also is very important, because office building not only let customer work in the office, office building also have restaurant, if the restaurant facility is not good or doesn’t have, even if the ’ office building’s food is very delicious, but can't attract customer come to eat. So a good food and beverage facility, can let customer feel comfort when they eat and also can let staff comfort, you can imagine, if an office building doesn’t have restaurant or canteen to let staff eat. I think no one want to work in this office building. so food and beverage facility good or not is very important, because it’s can accept customer and staff whether have a good feeling when they stay and work in office building. Central Square also doing very well at part of food and beverage facility, because they have a very big and luxurious restaurant, the restaurant provides different types of food and BBQ to let guests’ choice. They also have staff canteen to let staff eat.

(3) Meeting facility: in the office building, meeting facility is indispensable, because many business customers always need hold meeting, so as office building, should provide meeting facility to customers, such as meeting rooms, audiovisual equipment, laptop, and so on, when the office building provide these meeting facility at the guests hold meeting times, they will feel the office building very efficient, stay in this office building is very comfort and convenient. Sometimes hotel also need hold meeting with theirs staff, so if the office building doesn’t have meeting facility, they will can’t attract customers come and also can’t management staff. Central Square doing very well at part of meeting facility. Central Square have: (1) Meeting Rooms: 23 (2) Square Footage: 31,000 (3) Largest Meeting Room: 10,650 (4) Theater Capacity: 1,200 (5) Banquet Capacity: 936 (6) High Speed Internet Access (7) State-of-the-Art (8) Audio/Visual Equipment (9)All Rooms Include Modem/Fax Hook-Up (10) T-1 Network Supports High-Speed Internet Presentations and Video Conferencing

1.2 Explain the purpose of embedding customer service and quality within facilities management provision. As office building should meet...
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