Facilities Planning

Topics: Magic: The Gathering sets, Management, Magic: The Gathering Pages: 50 (17137 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Author Hopcroft Ross Romney Astrom Greenberg Kaplan & Atkinson BELCH Russell HANKE, REITSCH & WICHERN SPIRO Stallings HAWKINS. Schiffman, Kanuk Damodaran HORNGREN Stallings Turban Gonzalez Rabaey GOODAIRE, PARMENTER Coulouris Todaro Cohen Johnson Tompkins Van Horne Keown GRINBLATT Wood Ross Elmasri VAN HORNE, WACHOWICZ Hull Alexander, Sharpe Mark S Drew;Ze-Nian Li Raman Barney IVANCEVICH Weber AIM BUMAS Bennett KUMAR Horngren Horngren Craig Miller

Title Publisher Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation, 2/e Pearson Education A First Course in Probability, 6/e Pearson Education India Accounting Information Systems, 9/e Pearson Education India Adaptive Control, 2e Pearson Education India Advanced Engineering Mathematics, 2/e Pearson Education India Advanced Management Accounting, 3/e Prentice Hall ADVERTISING AND PROMOTION, 6/E Tata McGraw Hill Artificial Intelligence : A Modern Approach, 2/e Prentice Hall BUSINESS FORECASTING, 7TH ED. Prentice Hall CHEMISTRY OF THE ENVIRONMENT, SECOND EDITION Prentice Hall Computer Organization and Architecture : Designing for Performance, 7/e Pearson Education India CONSUMER BEHAVIOR, 9/e Tata Mcgraw-Hill Consumer Behavior, 9/e Pearson Education Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice, 2nd Edition Wiley Text Books COST ACCOUNTING: A MANAGERIAL EMPHASIS, 12TH ED. Prentice hall of india Cryptography and Network Security : Principles and Practice, 4/e Pearson Education India Decision Support Systems and Intelligent Systems, 7th edition Pearson Education India Digital Image Processing, 2/e Pearson Education India Digital Integrated Circuits, 2/e Pearson Education India DISCRETE MATHEMATICS WITH GRAPH THEORY, 2ND ED. Prentice hall of india Distributed Systems: Concepts and Design , Edition 3 Pearson Education India Economic Development, 8/e Pearson Education India Effective Behavior in Organizations (REP) with PowerWeb, 7/e Mcgraw-Hill Exploring Corporate Strategy, 6/e Pearson Education India Facilities Planning, 3rd Edition Wiley Text Books Financial Management & Policy 12th edition Pearson Education India Financial Management : Principles And Applications , Edition 9 Prentice hall of india FINANCIAL MARKETS AND CORPORATE STRATEGY, 2nd edition Tata Mcgraw-Hill Business Accounting Vol 1, 9/e Pearson Education India Fundamentals of Corporate Finance (With CD Rom) , Edition 6 Tata Mcgraw-Hill Fundamentals of Database Systems Pearson Education India FUNDAMENTALS OF FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, 11TH ED. Prentice hall of india Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets 4th edition Pearson Education Fundamentals of Investments, 3/e Pearson Education India Fundamentals of Multimedia Pearson Education India Fundamentals of telecommunications network management Prentice Hall of India Gaining and Sustaining Competitive Advantage, 2/e Pearson Education India HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, 9th edition TATA MCGRAW HILL PUBLIHSERS Information Systems Control & Audit, 1/e Pearson Education India INNOVATION AND IMAGINATION AT WORK TATA MCGRAW HILL PUBLIHSERS INTERMEDIATE MICROECONOMICS: NEOCLASSICAL AND FACTUALLYPrentice hall of india International Business, 2/e Pearson Education India INTERNATIONAL MARKETING RESEARCH Prentice hall of india Introduction to Financial Accounting , Edition 8 Pearson Education India Introduction to Management Accounting, 13/e Prentice Hall of India Introduction to Robotics: Mechanics and Control, 2nd edition Addison Wesley Publishing Co John E. Freund's Mathematical Statistics with Applications, 7/e Pearson Education India

ISBN 8178083477 8178089386 8178088169 817808533X 8178087995 8178083310 0070581940 8129700417 8120321189 8120321464 8178087928 0070582343 8129701979 981412656X 8120329090 8178089025 8177581112 8178086298 8178089912 8120321219 8177588184 817808791X 0071218335 8129702274 9812530142 8178085801 8120321286 0070540888 8129703874 0070486867 8177584766 8120320166 8178089343 8129700239 8129704382 8120316797 8129700522 0070585148 8178086018 0070586632...
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