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ITC331 - Ethics and Professional Practice
Session 1 2013 Faculty of Business School of Computing and Mathematics CSU Study Centre Sydney Internal Mode Subject Coordinator Chandana Penatiyana Withanage

Subject Overview
Welcome to a new session of study at Charles Sturt University. The aim of this subject is to understand and examine a wide range of ethical and professional practice issues and concepts in the information and communication technology (ICT) field. The different types of widely used policies, the mechanisms that implement these policies and the principles underlying both policies and mechanisms will be examined. The ethical implications will also be explored, particularly with respect to privacy. Aspects of information technology (IT) professional practice will be investigated. The students will be also introduced to ethical issues and concepts. Specific topics will include ethical theories, organisational ethical codes and conducts, ethical and social issues such as privacy, intellectual property, the digital divide, and employment in an ICT-dependent work environment.

Your subject coordinator
Chandana Penatiyana Withanage

Teaching staff
Lecturer: Nectar Costadopolous Email:

Academic biography
Nectar Costadopoulos Nectar Costadopoulos has been involved with CSU Programs since 1999. He has taught in a number of discipline areas including internet and multimedia technologies, information systems, computer security and cyber ethics. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications majoring in Multimedia, and a Masters degree in Information Systems Engineering. In addition to teaching, Nectar is an active consultant in the area of web/e-commerce technology and is also involved in operating several e-business websites. This ‘hands on’ expertise is incorporated in his overall teaching strategy to enrich student learning.

The Subject Convenor would like to acknowledge the contributions by Mr. Nectar Costadopoulos in developing this subject.

Charles Sturt University Subject Outline ITC331 201330 S I-10 February 2013-Version 1 Page 1 of 20

Learning objectives
- be able to analyse the client/professional relationship in the context of developing a project - be able to communicate effectively in a professional manner within the context of a project being undertaken - be able to discuss environmental issues related to IT profession, specifically green computing - be able to discuss various philosophical theories of ethics and how these relate to the ethical and legal issues raised by current practices involving information and communication technology - be able to critically analyse the various concepts and applications of professional ethics - be able to discuss ethical issues including privacy and intellectual property - be able to analyse social and work related ethical issues and principles

Assumed knowledge
ITC105 or ITC108

Generic skills

Attendance is required at all scheduled lectures and tutorials.

Contact Procedures
Academic enquiries
Any questions concerning the teaching of this subject can be made by contacting your subject coordinator.

Subject Coordinator Chandana Penatiyana Withanage Email Phone 92919356 Fax To be advised. Campus Other Building/Room number To be advised.

Consultation procedures
The Subject Coordinator will be available for student consultation. The most effective way to contact the Subject Coordinator is via email or through subject forums. The Subject Coordinator also will be available at certain times for phone or face to face consultation and will inform you of their times at the start of session. When sending emails, please state the subject code and your name and ID number in the email title/subject. This will avoid your email being treated as SPAM. The Faculty of Business is committed to staff engaging with their students and students receiving adequate...
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