Facilities Management Function

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  • Published : September 2, 2012
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FM Function

M3.44 Understanding facilities management within the context of an organisation.


Trends within facilities management (FM)

Examine and explain the trends within facilities management and identify a potential trend that may benefit your organisation.

Globalisation of markets: In today’s market place companies now compete on a global scale as well as a local scale. An example of this would be Apple they have to compete with other phone manufactures in the Irish market, they also compete with them on the global market.

Globalisation of companies: Every organisation wants to have a product or service that is recognised around the globe such as Mc Donald’s. If you walk into a Mc Donald’s in Dublin you are guaranteed to get the same product and service here as you would in New York.

Speed to market of products: With advances in technology how quick you come to terms with change could result in your organisation being left behind. For instance with the change from film cameras to digital ones. Kodak who where the market leader at one stage have now been left behind because they where too slow to react to the emergence of digital cameras.

Trend of companies focusing on core business: Large companies like Microsoft and Pfizer outsource to facility management companies to run the day-to-day operations of the buildings and assets known as Total Facilities Management (TMF). This frees up more time for their organisation so they can solely concentrate on developing their products and services .

Global and national service providers: Johnston control are a global facilities management firm that operate on global scale and at a national one here in Ireland. They have a great reputation for delivery a quality service in FM and with the ability for large buying power they can allow for extra costs saving.

HR requirements: Companies want to attract high standard employees and the role of FM is important because the HR department need all services to be modern and working. If the reception area is dated and in need of modernisation the potential employee may see the company as not being professional and may look else where for employment.

A potential trend that may benefit my organisation:

Telecommuting: With the global economy downturn more and more companies are looking to save on costs and one way this can be achieved is Telecommuting (working from home). This trend can employ staff without having to rent office space for them to work which in return saves on utility bills and office furniture. The employees won’t have to travel to work so in effect the money saved from working from home acts as a pay rise. It can increase productivity and reduce work related stress. This in return gives the employee better job satisfaction.

Examine and describe which organisations are considered to be market leaders in terms of facilities management.

Johnston control and Aramark are two global facilities management firms that are considered to be market leaders. They operate on global scale and at a national level here in Ireland. They have a great reputation for delivery a quality service in facilities management and with the ability for large buying power they can allow for extra costs savings. They can provide total facilities management control (TFM), which allows the client to focus on core business.

The importance of facilities management within the context of own organisation.

Briefly define the role of the facilities manager.

The facilities manager (FM) looks after the day to day running of the buildings and assets. The FM makes sure that all requirements and targets that have been set in the service level agreement (SLA) are met. The FM tenders and manages all the hard and soft services for the organisation so they can focus on their core business of residential...
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