Identifying and Describing the Management Functions

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Rogelio Orta-Martin

October 10th, 2010


Genese Gibson

Module 1 Exercise

Identifying and Describing the Management Functions

When we think of a manager, the first think that most of the time comes to our mind is one person with the responsibility of telling others what to do and how to do it. This is true, but being a manager is much more than that. University programs across the United States train students that want to become health care managers in areas such as structuring, marketing, positioning and governance; financial management; leadership, interpersonal relations, an written and oral communications skills; managing human resources and health professionals; managing human resources and health professionals; managing information; economic and financial analysis to support decision making; governmental health policy formation, regulation, and impact; assessment and understanding of the health status of populations, determinants of health and illness, and managing health risks and behavior; managing change; quality improvement (Jonas and Kovner, 2008). With such a vast curriculum, we can expect a manager to have several key functions in any organization, such as: planning (determination of short-term and long term goals and objectives, and the creation of plans to pursuit those objectives; decision making (reaching conclusion about different matters that may affect their department or the whole organization); organizing (making the best use of resources and personnel to successfully carry out the plans and accomplish the work required to reach the objectives); staffing (understanding the needs of the organization of capable professionals in all the areas, recruiting and hiring individuals to cover those needs); directing (determining what has to be done and who has to do it in order to get the job done); coordinating (synchronization of all related activities that work to met the objectives); controlling (checking the progress of...
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