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Topics: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Social network service Pages: 2 (804 words) Published: November 29, 2012
The Winklevosses’ defeat!
In “The Social Network”, directed by David Fincher, Jesse Eisenberg plays the role of the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. This film depicts all the successes and conflicts that Zuckerberg had to go through in order to make Facebook the most successful social networking site in the world. After launching a website called “facemash” Zuckerberg became so popular that he was confronted by the Winklevoss twins. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss asked Zuckerberg to create a website for college students at Harvard but Zuckerberg eventually veered off into a different direction hence the creation the of Facebook. The Winklevoss twins are now angered by the fact that Zuckerberg apparently “stole” their idea, and take him to court. After numerous meetings the Winklevosses’ were given a settlement of 65 million dollars that was not deserved. The Winklevosses’ should not have received a penny of Zuckerberg’s money simply because they did not physically create Facebook, Zuckerberg did not use any of their “codes” to make the site, and the Winklevoss twins did not fund during the creation of Facebook. In the beginning of “The Social Network”, Zuckerberg agrees to help the Winklevoss twins create their website. After a few weeks Zuckerberg makes little contact with Cameron and Tyler. At this point Zuckerberg is doing all the work with his partner Edward Saverin. The twins never actually did any physical work that goes into creating a website. All they did was give orders and sit and wait for Mark Zuckerberg to finish their website so they could take all the credit. After a month or two Zuckerberg finally hinted that the website would not be possible to complete at the rate he was working. The Winklevoss twins had no physical involvement in making any website whatsoever. They should not have won any type of settlement just because they asked someone to complete a task and that someone decided not to do it. They should have just fired him like it was...
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