Fable: Stories Which Are Ment to Teach Children a Moral Lesson

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  • Published : March 13, 2011
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A Fable

Fable: stories which are ment to teach children a moral lesson. Pulp Literature: 3rd rate stories f.ex. romantic short stories. (Novns) Navnorð

Navnorð finnast bert í eintal og fleirtal:
Boy – Boys
Man kann seta frammanfyri: a, an ella the.
A car – óbúndi an apple
The car - bundi
Óbundin setningur: Jákup is eating a banana
Bundin -- ||-- : Jákup ate the last banana
Óbundin: an apple grows on a tree

Pair work:

* On a subway train headed for Manhattan, NY
* He’s going to Manhattan to begin his new job
* Clean shaven and neatly dressed
* In a good mood, he loves everybody
* It’s funny, and the weather has a clear influence on his good mood. Also contributes to the positive mood of the story * Beautiful blond haired girl with soft looking skin. She’s going shopping with her mother * He’s a stranger. Her advice is normal seeing as he’s a stranger * Stars at her first, the sits down next to her, taps her and begins to talk to her. * She knows what’s about to happen

* You’re a very pretty girl, I’m in love with you etc. * She reacts positively, but also cautious
* At first she doesn’t hear him, but when she’s does she asks him if he’s crazy. She agrees to it when he’s answered her questions * She’s pretty, and he’s in love with her
Unrealistic, acts too fast, immature
* If he has an job, car and a house. A grown-up’s, responsible questions * They get married. The conductor is probably carrying a bible. He’s going to wed them Group work:
* All look, good, might be a comment to the superficial event in the story. Might be comment to the growing fascination with body ideal which is increasing during the 1980’s. * Maybe it’s not important for the story.

* Same reason, the author is maybe trying to keep the focus on what’s happening, make it an impersonal story so it has...
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