External Influences of Coca Cola

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External Influences:


Coca-Cola has many major competitors; their major three are Lucozade, Red Bull and Pepsi. Along with these competitors, there are many other small competitors such as Tango and also little supermarket brands such as Tesco Cola and Safeway’s Cola

All of Coca-Cola’s competitors affect Coca-Cola because they are trying to put the company out of profit. They are doing this by introducing new products day in and day put and by this they are pushing their competition to a lower level. The availability of these products is huge and the other good thing about it is that, their products are being sold for a very reasonable price, which is also beating the competitor’s price. Also their quality is better. But still Coca-Cola does have competition as the customers have a choice of what drink/beverage they should buy, for example a sportsman would buy Pepsi as this is an equivalent of the main Coca-Cola drink, Lucozade as it is made to give you energy throughout, and also Red Bull as this also gives you energy. The customer option gets involved as there are many products and beverages to choose from and this loses their maximising sales abilities. Coca-Cola is the world’s number one leading beverages supplier, but their competition does make them quite vulnerable. It makes them vulnerable, as the affect it has on Coca-Cola is quite strong. The affect it has that whatever their competition is doing, they are always trying to put Coca-Cola out of business, so Coca-Cola have to invent more new ideas, in order for them to please their customers, and by doing this, Coca-Cola are working everyday coming up with new plans, and ideas for them not to lose against their competitors.
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