Coke I S Better Than Pepsi Speech

Topics: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Soft drink Pages: 1 (303 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Coke Is Better Than Pepsi
Pepsi and Coca Cola have long been rivals in the marketing industry and two most recognizable names in soft drinks. Together they produce the #1 (Coca Cola), #2 (Diet Coke) and #3 (Pepsi) soft drinks in the United States and each make tens of billions of dollars in profits every year. Since 1886, Coke has been going strong holding the award of "Best Soda Drink in the World." In 2011, Coke still beats Pepsi in sales and long-term taste tests. I totally agree because to me, Coke is better any day! The taste, the emotional brandings, and their marketing techniques are some of the reasons everyone is addicted to coke! The taste is unbelievable and definitely "to die for." Pepsi tastes sweeter than Coke. While this often makes consumers initially like the product more than Coke, but people have reported that the more they drink it the less enjoyable the drink is. Coca Cola's flavour is way more bitter and sweet, which allows you to drink over long periods of time. It just becomes something you enjoy forever unlike Pepsi. Coke has highly visible spots on top-rated shows like "The Voice" and the Super bowl. Coca Cola gets its brand in front of more people. In the last few years, Pepsi has opted for less traditional campaigns that have not had huge payoffs. Coca Cola is more marketable and more put together as a whole, which allows them to not only sell more products, but make more money on top of that. We love good old Coke! It suits all of our thirst as a whole and puts a smile on our faces. The taste, the emotional brandings, and their marketing techniques keep everyone LOVING Coke, just as much as I do if not more!
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