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Topics: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, PepsiCo Pages: 4 (1324 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Brian -------------Larkin-Gero 1
Mr. Marchesi
Honors English II
25 November 2012
Coke vs. Pepsi
The classic battle between Coke and Pepsi has been fought over for centuries. It’s a choice of preference whether people decide over Coke or Pepsi for a beverage. Both companies are equally rated and compete very close to being the top preferred soda. Coke and Pepsi were both invented in the late 19th century and became instantly popular. Coca-Cola was originally used as a patient medicine in hospitals and nurseries, where as Pepsi was originally used as a consumer beverage. Both drinks were later revised to become soft drinks. I prefer Coca-Cola to Pepsi for a few different reasons. One reason is the taste between Coke and Pepsi. Even though the two drinks have a similar taste, there is something about Coke that I like better than Pepsi. Another reason I like Coca-Cola better is because when I was growing up as a younger child, I would always get a coke at restaurants or wherever they sold sodas. My grandparents would get my siblings and I the old-fashioned glass bottles that always intrigued us. Another reason was the look of the Coke bottles compared to the Pepsi bottles. I always found the colors and designs of the Coke bottle more appealing and interesting than the Pepsi bottles. The final reason is the popularity of Coca-Cola compared to Pepsi. I always saw people drinking Coke and rarely saw people drinking Pepsi. The advertisements influenced how I though about the drink and how people viewed them. Still to today, the controversy

Larkin-Gero 2
over Coca-Cola and Pepsi continue to dominate the public and their decision to choose over the two drinks.
John Pemberton invented Coca-Cola in 1886 while in Atlanta, Georgia. Coke’s initial use was as a patient medicine in hospitals and nurseries. John Pemberton mixed up a fragrant and caramel colored liquid which he later added carbonated water. He took is...
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