External Application to a Work Organization

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External Application to a Work Organization
March 3, 2010

Table of Contents
Statement of Purposes1
Statement of Outcomes2
Personal Strengths and Weakness identified in Organizational/Social Politics, and Networking3 Personal Strengths and Weakness used in various forms of power, in navigating social politics and social networking4 External Resources Required to Achieve Personal Goals5

Personal Assumptions Regarding Potential Outcomes of the External Organizational politics and social networks6 Time-Action Plan: Self Analysis for Achieving Personal Purpose 7 Mentor’s Guide8

Statement of Purposes
The goal in becoming a successful leader within an organization or social group is to first have the desires and commitment to develop the key knowledge, skills and abilities to motivate people to give all of their efforts to a cause. However, such an individual to have this kind of influence over people as a leader must establish personal purposes or goals that can be supported by others in order to successfully achieve their purpose. This may be a true statement for some individuals, but not for all. For, potential leaders such as myself who inspire confidence, trust through my character and definitely tries to do right by others, is always seeking to enhance my personality traits as a professional individual, so that the personal power in becoming a leader within an organization if employed, or a leader in a social group will be more effective. The best way to become such a successful leader within an organization if employed or a leader within a social group would be to know yourself and your own abilities first in order to perform effectively. Therefore, my purpose as a leader is to be able to provide and demonstrate a positive approach toward the decision making; always be prepare with the right methods to solve problems; be ready to deliver new ideas by having an challenging attitude; recognize when and how to delegate responsibility and authority; share my experiences and knowledge; be a good listener and learner; and always have a open door to communicate to my peers on subjects pertaining to the business at hand as well as, personal goals and life experiences.

Statement of Outcomes
As continue me to inspire confidence, loyalty through my character, I will achieve positive outcomes through people who believe in my reputation and integrity through my actions. I shall always lean forward into during the right thing and having positive visions of seeing myself moving forward. A behavior of this type can only motivate me to network through socializing within social groups or outside the organization with past colleagues. I must lead by example through my actions is the only truly effective leadership style that cannot fail. By knowing yourself and your own abilities first helps you be more effective in dealing with people inside of your network. In short, you need to know how to lead yourself before you can lead others and the outcomes will be positive in some situations and negative in other situations, but you will be able to handle the negative situations because you will know and understand just how to utilize your personal powers in dealing with people within your network.

Personal Strengths and Weakness identified in Organizational/Social Politics and Networking Organizational/Social Politics and Network Strengths:

* Position power – the power that enables me to reward employee’s base on their performance; centering myself in the loop of upper management that has authority to make final decisions without another. * Personal power – gaining prestige power from being recognized as an individual with a good reputation and a referent/expert to...
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