Extending School

Topics: High school, School district, Summer vacation Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Chris Albuquerque

"School, a fun place to be in the summer is it not?" Josh questions sarcastically. "Yea it sure is, instead of going on family vacations to a wonderful getaway place, we will be in this school "frying" our brains." exclaims Bob. Extending the school year is most certainly not a good idea. School should not be extended because kids need time away from inserting constant receptive information into their brain, more cuts will be made because students will not want to go to the class everyday in the summer, and no summer school will be offered to. According to education secretary Arne Duncan, he favors a longer school year, however he is not seeing the downside of it. Arne Duncan is only realizing the good effects of prolonging the school year.

Continuing school over the summer is not a bright idea. Since the education secretary Arne Duncan wants to prolong the school year, there will be numerous amounts of problems pertaining to the students. Rates of high school dropouts will skyrocket. Most of the students who are in sports or are in jobs would not be able to attend those activities because they will have too much homework and studying to do. In America kids have jobs at the age of sixteen and older, however if they prolong school, students would not have an opportunity to make their own money. Extending the school year is most certainly not a intelligent idea.

Whether it is one week or one year, school should not be extended. If kids have to go to school more than a normal average school year, school districts will see higher rates of high school student dropouts. Knowing this could happen should concern secretary Arne Duncan to know for a fact that extending school is not a good idea. Students will no longer be able to do activities or hobbies they do now. Students will have more unexcused absences because their families would want to make plans for a summer vacation. Therefore to avoid these problem school should not be...
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