Advantages of Going to a Year-Round School

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Title: Advantages of Going to a Year-Round School

All primary and secondary schools in the United States need to change from the traditional schooling system to the newer educational system of a year-round schooling system. A traditional school system is one where students go to school for nine months out of the year and receive a three month summer vacation, whereas students in a year-round school system follow a cycle of forty-five days in classes followed by a fifteen day period of rest, for the entire calendar year. Students in a year-round school system get days off for holidays, too, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, but often the breaks are much shorter and their summer break is only a month and a half long instead of three months. However, the advantages of attending a school with a year-round schooling system by far outweigh the disadvantages. Some of the advantages that will be discussed are retention of learned material from the whole school year due to a shorter summer vacation, reduction in disciplinary problems, and increased motivation among teachers and students.

The number one benefit of going to a year-round school calendar is that students are not as likely to forget the material they have learned over their summer break since the break is only six weeks long instead of twelve weeks long. In the traditional schooling system, teachers “spend up to six weeks in the beginning of the school year just going over what was learned the year before, refreshing the students and sharpening the skills previously introduced.” (Boeye 1) Since the traditional schooling system spends so much time reviewing old material, traditional American schools “do not score as well on tests because of the wasted time relearning old material and not receiving enough time to learn the new material” (Heinzman 3). Although many believe that reviewing old material can be beneficial, the fact remains that, regardless of the amount of time spent reviewing old material, a student outside the classroom for three months at a time is likely to forget much of what he or she learned. This presents a problem for teachers when there is a significant amount of new material that must be covered in the new school year.

Another benefit for students going to school all year is that they have less time to be bored over long summer vacations. Being in school year-round “keeps (students) off the street so they are not vandalizing folks’ property, and they are not doing things that otherwise, during the summer months they have a tendency to do” (Mack 10). In the classroom, teachers have seen a drastic change in the behavior of students who attend year-round school, and experience fewer disciplinary problems. Although most kids do not enjoy school, there are always times during the summer break when kids wish they were back in school to see friends and have something to do. The shorter summers lend a positive aspect to year-round schools that both teachers and students benefit from. Due to the frequent short breaks all throughout the school year, students and teachers from year-round schools come back refreshed and more motivated to work in between vacations. Year-round schools “experience less burn outs by teachers and see fewer high school age students become dropouts due to the frequent breaks” (Jones 2). As a result of the shorter, more frequent vacations, students are able to maintain better grades by not getting burned out as quickly. In addition to having the students return to school refreshed and motivated after their breaks, schools are also seeing fewer teachers quit their jobs due to the stress of long periods of teaching without breaks. Teachers have more patience and are more willing to...
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