Extended Feature for the Online Grading System

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Rationale of the Study

In our world today, education will play a vital part in our society. There have been major things that really need to be confronted in order to provide a better system in our education. Teachers and students may find this very difficult at times, especially when the things they need will not accessible by the time they need it. And at certain times, things may cause conflicts between them, the students and the teachers, just because of the lack of accessibility and security of the current system.

For example, students may ask their teachers frequently about their unreleased grades which might turn out to be bothersome to some teachers as a result of the delay. As a result, the students will waste time and effort in going back to school just to get their grade sheets. In some instances, students will not showing nor updating their parents concerning their performance in school.

Whether you will be in primary, secondary or tertiary school, the “Grading System” is always needed, there doing the job and will determine whether the education being handed over really penetrates in the minds of the students. It will serve as the gauge to evaluate the learning capacity of the students.

So the group will decide to have an “Extended feature for the grading system” to solve this problem. The researchers will introduce the problem and the significance of solving it. The researchers shall leave the technicalities to the developers themselves on how helpful this could become if this will be implemented in the school. The proposed system will be online. Teachers shall access the students’ grades anywhere (provided of there is Internet), and it will be protected, reliable, and automated. We will be doing this to help the teachers and the school.
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