Keep the Grades

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Keep the grades
Without a grading system, could anyone expect students to do better in college? If we stop using the grading system for college students then students will lose motivation to help them in their studies. Additionally, keeping the grading system will help students show where their weakness in a subject is at. Lastly, the system provides a way to measure students ranking in their academic achievements. Colleges should keep the grading system to motivate students to do well in school and also to prepare them later in the workforce.

First, if we stop using the grading system students will begin to lose motivation in their studies. College students will only do the bare minimum required to pass a class instead of trying to learn the material. For example, some students dream and work hard to become a doctor. However, if we stop using the grading system, their academic achievements cannot be compared to those who have not persistently worked to gain a doctorates degree. By solely removing the grading system, graduate schools will not have an appropriate method of selecting the best candidates. Students should try to get into medical school at an A average so that when the medical school looks at them, the medical school will look in favor towards them. We do not want to have doctors that just barely passed the classes they had to take in order to become a doctor. We want doctors who exceled in the classes that they have taken so that we can have more confident in their abilities that got them into the medical field. College tuition is high as is and if students only go to school just to pass classes instead of exceling in their classes then wouldn’t that mean that students are just wasting money to go to school so they can get a regular job.

Additionally, if we stop using the grading system then students will not be able to see where they are weak in a subject. If students did not know where they are weak in a subject then they will most likely...
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