Plus Minus Grading

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Annotated Bibliography

Bressette, Andrew. "Arguments for Plus/Minus Grading: A Case Study." Educational Research Quarterly. 25.3 (2002): 29-31. Web. 26 Apr. 2013. <>.

Andrew Bressette, associate provost and associate professor of organic chemistry at Berry College in Georgia for 14 years, has facilitated a numerous amount of workshops throughout the country and served as a consultant to many individuals seeking to implement active learning. He involves himself in a case study primarily focused on the arguments and policies for the plus/minus grading system. He proposes benefits such as reduced grade inflation, better differentiation among students, increased student motivation, and enhanced imagery of grades.

Dixon, H. E. & Bates, H. L. (1999). Student and Faculty Perceptions of the Impact ofPlus/Minus Grading: A Management Department Perspective. Journal on Excellence inCollege Teaching, 10 (1),23-33.

Harriot Dixon, an Adjunct professor at Troy University in Montgomery, Alabama, is an expert in the department of kinesiology and health promotion. He writes a journal article on the student and faculty perspectives of the newly implemented plus/minus grading system and introduces a various amount of perceptions to the transition’s impact.

Frank, Michael. "Plus/minus Grading: A Within Instructor Comparison." EBSCO Industries, Inc.. 40.4 (2006): 852-856. Web. 26 Apr. 2013. <>

Frank Michael, a within instructor for three semesters, writes an academic journal article on his analysis of grading practices in order to observe the effects of the implementation of the plus/minus grading system. He discovers...
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