Extended Expanded Role of Orl Nursing

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Extended and Expanded Role of Otorhinolaryngology Nursing

Kate B and Francine M C (2008) stated that advanced practise roles in nursing originated from US in late 1960s as a response to the doctors shortage. Subsequently to that, more recent roles have stretched rapidly in the UK and other Western countries, either in the form of substitution (nurses replace some areas of practice) or complementing activity to enhance the work in others. According to Wright S.G (1995) the subject of expanded and extended has been much debated as a result of changing healthcare policies, growing demands by nurses and the public, and arguments about the very nature of nursing itself. Such debating occurred due to the different perceptions on how the nursing roles are being implemented. In Malaysia, traditionally, the doctor-nurse relationship is akin to that of a master and servant. It is because the nurses have been characterizes as being incapable of independent or cooperative decision making in medical treatment (Rekaya Vincent, 1992). However, the current changes in the health care in Malaysia have united doctors and nurses as partners which nurses are now expected to be involved in planning, implementing and evaluating the patient’s health care. Beverly M and Chris B (2005) stated on Maxi Nurses: Nurses working in advanced and extended roles promoting and developing patient-centred health care that ‘They provide expert knowledge and advice, however, it is contact and the ability to travel with the patient from, the beginning to end of their health care journey that contributes to both high levels of job satisfaction and a positive impact on patient care’ Expert knowledge, advice and even skill will be produces by the nurse once the expanded and extended role has been implemented. This is not merely a task but now, it has become an obligation that every nurse including Otorhinolaryngology to participate and join the marching of the new dimension of patient care services. In Otorhinolaryngology, the same issue has put us into a challenge that forces us to change for new intervention. If not, we will be having a great loss because a modern and new technology waits for no men and we will be left out.

2.0Description of the expanded and extended roles of Otorhinolaryngology nurse Otorhinolaryngology (ORL) is such broad specialties but people like to think it such a small area and it is not as important as the other vital organ. But, there can’t be all that much to know about it, but that could not be farther from the truth. Otorhinolaryngology provides variety of illness from common cold to cancer of the larynx. In ORL, they issue of expanded and extended role which sometimes brings some confusion and debate. It is because; there have been great advances in clinical, technical and surgical aspects. Andrea S (2007) mentioned that ORL physicians notice the increasing workload and the busy work schedule stop the ability to simultaneously provide quality care. Therefore, doctors need nurse to improve the service. For that reasons nurses must grab the opportunity and it is important for a nurse to have adequate and continuous knowledge plus practical skill to adapt extended role in nursing intervention even though the medical profession becoming more reticent regarding delegation because of the complexity of determining accountability for the nurse practice (Canadian Nurses Associations, 2005). 2.1Definition of expanded and extended roles:

2.1.1Expanded Role
According to Rajeswari S (2011) the meaning of expanded role ‘is the enlargement of nurse within the boundaries of a nurse and the responsibility assumed within the field of practice autonomy’.
2.1.2Extended Role
According to Rajeswari S (2011) the meaning of extended role is ‘the responsibility assumed by a nurse beyond the traditional role’. From our basic training we have learned how to perform our duty as a nurse according to the...
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