Theory of Human Nursing- Jean Watson

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Jean Watson believes that through the nurse’s attitude and competence, a patient’s world can become: larger or smaller, brighter or darker, happier or lonelier, secure or threatening.

Jean Watson is a well known professor of nursing at the university of Colorado, she believes that nursing can be a transforming process through which both the client and nurse can be changed. Her theory of nursing practice, formally known as the ‘Theory of human care’, outlines basic premises of nursing and combines a humanistic and scientific approach to patient care. According to Watson caring is a nurse’s identity and when caring is fully actualized, a patient’s world can become more secure, brighter, richer and larger. Watson’s theory outlines six actions that help nurses fully extend and attend to human care.

The six actions are;

▪ Establish a caring relationship with patients.

▪ Treat patients as holistic beings.

▪ Display unconditional acceptance.

▪ Treat patients with positive regard.

▪ Promote health through knowledge and intervention.

▪ Spend uninterrupted time with the patient.

Establish a caring relationship with patients.

Be open and receptive to patient need and perception of need. Let patients know that you are interested in their complete care by communicating thoroughly. Listen to patient concerns, this will reinforce your role as a caring individuals in tune to the patient’s needs.

The importance of the nurse – patient relationship Castledine (2004:231) maintains that the nurse – patient relationship is important for ten reasons, namely to:

▪ Help patient make decisions.

▪ Avoid isolating and dehumanizing patients.

▪ Act as an advocate for vulnerable patients.

▪ Nurture co – operation and understanding.

▪ Help in patient assessment and problem – solving.

▪ Help patients cope with their problems.

▪ Help patient undertake, or carry out for them,...
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